Desert Aikikai

Desert Aikikai Grand Opening … a note of Gratitude

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and support the official dojo Grand Opening amid travel restrictions and the current, increasing health concerns of our nation.

Thank you to Dennis Belt Shihan, Sensei Patricia Belt and Sensei John Brinsley for agreeing to teach at the seminar and providing us with such awesome classes.  May we all continue to learn and grow from your teachings and words of wisdom.

A special thank you to those who ran errands, helped with registration, took photographs and video, provided snacks and chauffeur services---I am still overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness---thank you again from the bottom of my heart...without your help the success of the seminar would not have happened. 

And lastly, to those who sent flowers, notes and cards of congratulations... your well wishes were received with love and happiness.  I wish I could relay the joy you have given me in your beautiful and kind words.

I and the students of Desert Aikikai appreciate your continued support and willingness to travel and train with us!  Please feel free to come and train with us again!

To those that traveled for the Grand Opening, I pray your journey home was safe and uneventful.

With Gratitude,


Suzanne Gonzales-Webb, Sensei

Desert Aikikai

Notice to Aikido Students at Mesa Community College

Spring Break has been extended an additional week per the Maricopa College response to the coronavirus/COVID-19. 

On-campus, in-person Aikido Classes have been postponed through March 20.  Students should not report to campus/classes.  Students, please check your e-mails for upcoming class assignments and exams!  Please watch for further email notifications on or before March 20 to learn whether you are to return to campus or to continue online.

The response to the coronavirus is an evolving situation, updates are available from the Maricopa County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Please heed warnings, do not panic, be vigilant and wash your hands before and after being in public places, continue to be considerate and kind, continue to support the small, community businesses when you can, and please reach out to someone if you are feeling concerns above your normal level of stress.  Stay healthy and I'll see you on the mat again!


Mon Wed

6PM to 6:50pm

(See flyer under Class Schedule

Mesa Community College has extended their Spring Break; MCCC Students please check your e-mails for latest class updates!


The dojo is currently on a limited schedule---

Classes resume Sunday 3/22 - same schedule; come dressed in gi and wear comfy outdoor shoes, we will be training in the parking lot of the dojo unless otherwise specified. ~Webb Sensei


The dojo is currently on a limited schedule and is following the coronavirus pandemic guidelines for the city.

Please contact Sensei for further details.