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Desert Aikikai - Chief Instructor

Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Desert Aikikai located in Mesa, Arizona--providing instruction in traditional Aikido body arts and weapons. Classes include the progressive development of students as a whole through basic and advanced Aikido techniques.  

Webb Sensei began her Aikido training in Ventura, California under the direction of Nobuo Iseri Shihan in 1992. After moving back to San Diego, she continued her Aikido study under TK Chiba Shihan. Webb Sensei's training included several local and international seminars, traveling with Chiba Sensei and fellow San Diego Aikikai aikidoka. Webb Sensei spent her hours off the mat working in the

San Diego Aikikai office assisting Mrs. Chiba and the late Hugo Harada, eventually becoming TK Chiba's personal secretary handling much of his worldwide correspondence. She has remained close to the Chiba family since Chiba Sensei's death in June 2015.

Webb Sensei continues to train regularly at US and International Birankai and USAF-East seminars. She is registered with Hombu Dojo and Birankai North America holding the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) and is recognized as a certified instructor (Shidoin) by the Birankai Organization founded by TK Chiba Shihan.